Mt. Ararat (Agri) 5165 m
" a very high mountain on wich Noah's Ark is said to have rested. It is so broad and long that it takes more than two days to go around it. On the summit the snow lies so deep all the year round that no one can ever climb it ". ( Marco Polo, 1295 )

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Noah's Ark is gone, but the sail is left Mt. Ararat in our eyes Snow storm on the summit Team on the summit
Mt. Elbrus is at the distance
of 200 miles
Climb, Lithuanians, climb ! :) Greetings from the summit September 8, 2004 - Lithuanian flag.
First time on the Mt.Great Ararat
Windy summit Wight silence South glacier from the summit To the western summit
Wester summit Close, but fare away
Snow I Snow II Leaf, feather or snow ? Dramatic lanscape
Last steps Dramatic sunrise Shadow of the Mt. Ararat Little Mt. Ararat ( 3924 m)
Sunset Sunrise Bible sky I Bible sky II
Mt. Ararat Storm camp (4200 m) Mt. Ararat Down
Strong wind :) Wind Strong wind (camp site at 4200 m) Very steep and rocky walk
from the Storm camp
Down by snowboard Down by snowboard Necessary equipment
"We must try" (Hakan) Mt. Great Ararat (5165 m) Biblian mountain Noah's mountain
Kurds pastures village on the way
to the base of Ararat
Volcanic boulder
Firs Lithuanian expedition Mt. Ararat - playground of
biblical figures and ...
....lithuanians Good bye, Ararat

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