Trip to India, Sikkim and Bhutan, Autumn 2001

Taj Machal Agras Fort Taj Machal from Agr.Fort Taj Machal
Agras Fort Fachtepur Sikri Astrologs place Chess board
Himalajas Fachtepur Sikri Fachtepur Sikri Fachtepur Sikri
The red beard Squirrel Water Fall Shah wife's balconies
Varansi Budist's stupa Budist's stupa and
Janist's temple
Sunrise in Ganga's river
Ganga's river Indian girl Indian Guru Young mother
Guru God of the monkeys Himalajas view from
the plane
Himalajas view from
the plane
Arriving Bhutan Bhutan resort Bhutan Bhutan's dances
Mask Festival Lunch Thimphu
Capital of Bhutan
Munsun Thimpu Dzong Thimpu Dzong  
Punakha Dzong Entry to
Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong Golden roofs
University Peak of Bhutan Mt. Chomolgori 7314m Peak of Bhutan
Tiger Nest monastery Tiger Nest monastery Tiger Nest monastery Tiger Nest monastery
Tiger Nest monastery Paro Dzong Vytas in the tea garden Monkeys
Kalingpong Monastery Grave Water fall Woods
Batasia loop Toy Train, 19th century Budist Monks Mountains in munsun
Mountains view from
a plane
Kangchendzona, 8598m Kangchendzona Selling caps
  Rouds in the mountains Landslade